Summer is coming. Some areas in Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other places in China will have high temperatures above 35℃, while northern areas may also experience frequent thunderstorms accompanied by short-term strong rainfall, thunderstorms and strong winds and other severe convective weather.

Spring and summer are especially critical for nursery stock maintenance. How should nursery stock be watered?

Summer seedling growth requires a lot of water and nutrients, and summer is also the main period for the development of tree diseases and insect pests, so seedling maintenance in summer is also very important. The following is a summary of the summer nursery stock maintenance knowledge post for your reference.

The first thing we should do well in summer is watering. The hot weather in summer makes the water evaporate quickly and the soil is easy to lack water. At this time the seedlings are very easy to dry.

However, irrigation needs to be different for different tree species and conditions.

Flowers and shrubs need a large amount of water in summer, while trees need slightly less water than flowers and shrubs. Water more soil with poor water retention capacity; Newly planted seedlings need to be watered more and thoroughly for the first time. However, the seedlings near the nursery and the seedlings at the later growth stage should be watered less.

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