Small indoor elevator manufacturers should document the investigation and understand the situation. If it is found that a مصعد داخلي صغير has serious accidents, it should promptly speak to the Special Equipment Safety Supervision and Management Division. The daily protection of small indoor elevators must be carried out by licensed installation, renovation, repair units or small indoor elevator production units in accordance with the rules of this Regulation.

    After the small indoor elevator is put into use, the small indoor elevator production company should follow up and investigate the safe operation of the small indoor elevator produced by the small indoor elevator production enterprise, and exist in the safe operation of the small indoor elevator and the daily protection unit or the small indoor elevator user. The problem raises the idea of ​​improvement and provides the necessary claims. The technology helps the small indoor elevator daily protection unit to strictly enforce the national rules in the protection and maintenance. The requirements of safety technical specifications shall ensure the safety and technical functions of the protection and maintenance of small indoor elevators, and shall act as the implementation of on-site safety protection measures to ensure construction safety. After receiving the notification of the failure, they should immediately rush to the scene and take necessary emergency rescue measures. Small indoor elevators should be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted and inspected at least every 15 days. The small indoor elevator repair unit shall serve as a safety function for the repaired small indoor elevator.