The installation cost of imported برغي مصعد is also closely related to the drive system. The structure of different drive systems varies greatly. The more complex the structure, the higher the installation cost. The elevators of the three drive systems of hydraulic, traction and screw are structurally complex and simple. Therefore, the screw elevator will be relatively low in terms of installation cost. The height of the floor is high, the natural floor is high, the installation cost is relatively high, one layer is added, and the cost difference is also different.

The price of the home-made machine room elevator is affected by various factors such as the selected brand, the driving mode, the number of elevators, the height of the elevator, the function configuration, and the after-sales maintenance cost. The price of the brand from the first line to the third line is different. Different prices for the same brand feature configuration are also very different. Take a three-storey villa sightseeing elevator as an example. From domestic to imported screw elevators, the price ranges from 10 million yuan to 300,000 yuan. It can be said that the difference is very large; the higher the floor, the more the number of floors, The corresponding cost will also increase; the elevator price of different drive systems such as screw type, hydraulic type, traction type, etc. is also different; in daily maintenance and maintenance costs, in hydraulic, traction and screw type elevators, The daily maintenance and maintenance costs of screw elevators are relatively low.