The sandwich fabric is rich in color, good in matching and flexible in movement. It can be said to be perfect. It solves the problems of breathability, wind resistance, water resistance, warmth retention, etc., and is deeply loved by consumers. So what exactly is a sandwich fabric?

The sandwich fabric is a synthetic fabric woven from a warp knitting machine. The sandwich fabric consists of three sides: top, middle and bottom. The surface is usually reticulated; the intermediate layer is the MOLO yarn that joins the surface and the bottom surface; the bottom surface is usually a densely woven plane and is therefore often referred to as a "sandwich".

The so-called sandwich fabric is just a general term for this composite structural fabric. The products developed by each company may vary in specific materials and processes, so the functionality of the fabric will vary. The mesh surface of the fabric is mainly polymer synthetic fiber yarn, which has the characteristics of elasticity, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, smoothness and comfort.

It is a high-grade fabric that has been subjected to mold and antibacterial treatment and has a function of inhibiting the growth of bacteria. For consumers, the most practical function of laminate fabrics is easy to clean and dry, machine washable, dry clean or hand washable. So it is a good choice for shoe fabrics.

There are many factors that affect the insulation of sandwich fabrics, mainly thickness, volume and static air content. Generally, the more static air contained in the fabric, the better the warmth. Therefore, we always use this sandwich air layer mode when developing fabrics, because its special structure contains more static air, which can make the fabric warmer. It also has good thermal and thermal insulation properties while ensuring breathability.

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