The invention can solve the housing problem of hundreds of millions of poor families by converting containers into houses. At present, a container house with an area of 30 square meters costs less than US$ 10,000.

Expandable container houses, electric cars, wireless internet and other important inventions are listed as the most likely to change our lifestyle in the next 10 years, which shows their influence and great commercial value.

As an advanced transportation equipment, containers are widely used by people and are therefore well known by people. However, some people modified the container, opened the door, opened the window and made interior decoration, coupled with beds, sofas and other furniture and electrical equipment, to transform it into a container house. Such a container house is almost the same as the house we usually live in.

In developed countries such as Britain, on the one hand, there is a shortage of housing; on the other hand, many used containers are piled up in ports. Therefore, some people have transformed these old used containers into residential buildings. Container houses with different colors have become another scenic line of the city.

Inspired by it, some architects took the container as a unit module and used it to build various buildings such as hotels and student dormitories. At present, this kind of building with container as unit module has been widely used all over the world. This kind of building, after exterior decoration, gives people the same feeling as other buildings. According to the functions and requirements of buildings, buildings with containers as unit modules can be combined into a variety of styles and changes.

Some people say that since the appearance of steel structure, the building technology with container as unit module is the first revolution in building science and technology in 100 years. When the construction worker Gai Lou, he only needs to stack the container modules from low to high, and then bolt them with screws. Container module technology can reduce construction time by 50%, and is safer and cleaner at the same time. It is more environmentally friendly than the traditional brick and block technology.

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