With the gradual strengthening of China's economic infrastructure and the increasing demand for economic commercialization, the use of مصعد صغير للركاب and the frequency of use are also increasing. The requirements for daily maintenance and related management of small passenger elevators are also increasing. high. Only fully grasp the professional knowledge of small passenger elevator management, improve the maintenance and management system for small passenger elevators and continuously improve the overall quality of small passenger elevator maintenance personnel, strengthen their management, improve the utilization rate of small passenger elevators, and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.

First, the significance of small passenger elevator maintenance

The small passenger elevator is a special equipment for vertical transportation in high-rise buildings. It is a special equipment that has great vital importance to personal safety. It has been listed as a special industry and has issued a series of corresponding safety rules and regulations and technical specifications. If the management is not good, there is no professional and perfect maintenance, it may induce a vicious safety accident, resulting in accidental loss of life and property.

Second, key projects for maintenance and repair of small passenger elevators

Inspection of electrical safety equipment; failures such as maintenance and maintenance are not timely, which may cause the safety clamp to malfunction, resulting in an emergency stop for small passenger elevators. Checking the counterweight and its pressure plate; if the fault occurs, if the maintenance is not in place, it will easily cause the heavy block to fall off, resulting in the deviation of the balance coefficient of the small passenger elevator, affecting the running quality of the car, and even causing the car to bottom. Car alarm, intercom system inspection; failures if not repaired in time, once the small passenger elevator fails, passengers can not alarm and rescue. Car door safety equipment, door lock electrical contact inspection; failures such as maintenance is not timely, prone to stop the trapped people trouble. Checking the door locks and related devices; if the fault occurs, if the repair is not timely, it is easy to stop the trapped people. Inspection of brakes and up-up brake protection devices; failures such as untimely maintenance, when a small passenger elevator overspeeds, it is prone to topping accidents. Check the upper and lower limit switches and limit switches.

Small passenger elevator repair failures, such as repairs are not timely, once the small passenger elevator stalls or bottoms, the small passenger elevators cannot be slowed down or stopped. Inspection of the guide shoe and the boot lining; if the wear is severe, if it is not replaced in time, it will cause abnormal noise or swaying of the small passenger elevator, and abnormal noise, causing the passenger to panic. Inspection of the traction wire rope and the speed limiter wire rope; if the wire rope is severely worn or broken, the vibration of the small passenger elevator will be large and unstable. Contactor and relay contact check; contact with electric shock is not good, it is prone to power failure and stop ladder failure. Car weighing device - inspection and test of overload limiter; if the device fails, the maintenance is not found. When the car is overloaded, the small passenger elevator can also run. Once the overload is too much, the ladder accident is prone to occur.