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  • Returning players who ask questions
    Why are people so poisonous to fresh players? Wouldn't the and max high ranking players need visitors to play? More people = more money, more updates (maybe if more began playing, paying( and demanding it) and more people in Runescape game which will RS Gold increase the economy and keep Runescape lasting more. Frankly, players are treated by us well when they are labeled as such. Dig up any...
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  • Then comes the marketplace
    In MMO's such as World of Tanks, Planet of Warships, War Thunder, or many of the other MMO'sdoesn't become insignificant in 6 months. All of this may be tolerable, however, EA has neglected Mut Coins Madden 21 core game mechanics and attributes to incorporate new features. The quality of the merchandise has become suspicious and EA's greed keeps growing. I wonder why people still buy that...
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  • Gamers logged into RuneScape
    Among the very most interesting sections of last night's flow was when he did a freestyle rap to get runescape gold with cash"Sea Shanty" songs of all things.The current Soulja Boy RuneScape streams have been paying -- that the rapper has demonstrated a steady growth in viewership as revealed on Twitch Tracker, however sullygnome indicates the most surprising amount: he struck almost 5,000 peak...
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  • Would be to boycott Madden 21
    Yup. Would be to boycott Mut 21 Coins, but that will not occur. The sad thing is that it's young children that are addicted to spending money on MUT to buy packs, where they might or might not get something great. It gaming. The UK appear to have awakened to this, let's hope whoever regulates EA and Madden does also. However like I said, money makes the world go around, so I'm convinced a blind...
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  • 2K may be at a crossroads
    According to 2K, it does transfer. But not if you spend it of course. Correct, for orders that are physical that the bonus backup is a code within the box. If want a physical backup and you would like to play both generations at MT NBA 2K21, the CG MFE is the best choice. Thank you. As a followup question, I just wanted to ask whether there are any perks to obtaining the Mamba edition? For your...
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  • Lot of gp to RuneScape
    You saying that this system is balanced out using duel arena taxes. Those are 0.25percent for bets below 10m, 0.5% for bets below 100m, and 1% for stakes 100m and over. If we assume staking numbers are somewhat equally divided across that range and how to buy 1mil runescape that the amount people stake increases with inflation, that would mean we have a tax that gets more severe as inflation...
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